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Indian Gypsies

Narikuravas aka Indian Gypsies (c)
Narikuravas aka Indian Gypsies (c)

The Indian Gypsies community (called the Narikurava’s) and its unique language “Vagriboli”. The erstwhile Jackal / Fox hunting community, moved as nomads across various regions and found base in Tamil Nadu & Kerala.
Now many have turned as Bead / Beaded chains sellers along with Jackal Teeths & Nails for good omen.(are they real Jackals or Fox’s, one needs to be sure & i’m not an authority in these :))
Its interesting to know that the head of the family carries a God’s Bundle (in their lingo “saami mootai”) with the blood stains of the animals sacrificed by them, which is inherited by the eldest son after the head’s demise.

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  1. Ram,

    Quite a research on the Nari Kuravas.

    This community has figured in quite a few tamil movies. MGR, Gemini, K R Vijaya have acted as Kuravan / Kurathi.

    You have not written about the “Dalda” tin they used to carry in the past!

    Adding my bit to the research, there is a famous Tamil Kavadi Sindhu called “Kutrala Kuravanji” quite many years back.

    Also Lord Muruga’s second wife Valli is a Kurathi. It means they would have come to Tamilnadu / Kerala to settle down much earlier than one can imagine.

    Ram: Yes the synonymous Dalda tin was overlooked … thankls for pointing Sathya …


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