Sachin & Lara

Street Cricketers
Street Cricketers

Sunday mornings, most of the youngsters (who otherwise object to getting up early for schools / colleges) get up early for a couple of games of Cricket at a ground nearby. This Gentleman’s game, is the most popular across the sub-continent and played in various forms & with multiple rules according to the space availability.

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  1. You know I went to school in England and saw cricket being played a lot, but I still don’t understand this game. Is this game really more popular than football for example?

    Ram: Ha haa, like i can’t understand baseball at all πŸ™‚
    Yes the game is extremely popular in about 10-12 countries across. Mostly British colonies.

    1. Vagabonde,

      We are trying to make Cricket popular in China.

      If it happens, it will become the largest followed game even if played only in few countries.

      If I say “yes it is very popular” that will be a huge underestimation. All Indians have two blood groups. One is the normal blood group all people in the world have. The other is called “Cricket”.


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